I'm on an endless journey towards self-fulfillent. Sometimes there are soo many things going on in my head, that I feel the need to write them down. I'm 22, and studying to become a Chemist. After years of flopping around I finally found what makes me happy...Being in the lab!!!!


"#MikeBrown was executed in #ferguson on Saturday by the police execution style for at this point simply existing. He put his #handsup when instructed by the officer and was shot multiple times in the chest and head. All while still having his #handsup .. It seems #wearetargets at the shooting range to officers. Things have to change #iftheygunnedmedown #mikebrown #ferguson #vigil #wearetargets #handsup

We are asking you to participate in this campaign by posting a video with your hands raised on tumblr and/or instagram. You can say whatever you like or not say nothing at all. We must Show them that we are humans. We aren’t here to be used to practice accuracy..” - @grande_dre

Remember, social media played a big part of getting this horrific crime and others like it coverage. Do not downplay its value and impact!

Post yours and tag me (@zellieimani) and #grande_dre